Here you’ll find some informations
 about themes

The Sounds of the themes are MP3 compressed Wavst, because this files are smaller
If you have problemes with it, please visit the site of the
www.themedoctor.com. There you get very competent solutions to your problem. The MP3-Layer you can download here. Simply doubble click the Exe file.

The most themes, more the newest of them, include a readme file. If its available, please read this file in every case.

In the newest themes I add for the Logos and Webviews small programs. With this its easier for you to change them. This small programs are in English, so its very easy to understand for you, there are helps included.

I offer Zip files for download. Because I dont like exe-files. I will know what I install on my PC. I hope you think so too.

To install the theme you should simply enlarge the zip file.
I make it in the Temp directory. After this create a new folder in C:\program\Plus\Themes\ and copy or  shift the files in this folder. With the desktop propertys you can activate the theme.

Or you use the desktop architect 2.11 zu activate the theme. A beautiful free program to organize your themes (for download see below).

At Themedoctor I found a nice tool for you. With this you can change the script under the icons in transparency. It’s a super tool, because it’s so easy to handle and freeware. Look in the download area of this pages. The name is Transparent.

You can also make it with the Desktop Architect 2.11, this tool you’ll find
here for free download. The link to Themedoctor  you’ll find on the top of this page or on my linkliste under Desktop Themes.

Did you have any questions or suggestions? Please let me know by email. We kindly answer you.


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