Desktop Themes


The Themes and Wallpapers on these Sites ...

... are built by Dorothea Beer aka Dotthy and you have my permission to download them free for private use. Used wallpaper by other artists are with the friendly permission of them created and are under Copyright too.

the themes are builded under Windows 2000 and are tested on this operating system. They will function under older versions of Windows like Windows 98/MX/2000. On XP they work not completely.

Differend categories are available for you:

World of Fantasie
Castles, Dragons, Fairy, Temple, Final Fantasy the movie, Mairmaids, etc.

World of Animals
Horses, Wolfs, Bears, Saurian, Fish etc.

All kinds of Landscapes
Reale Landscapes, render pictures of Terragen and others 3D programs, submarine, Stargate etc.

World of Blossom etc. and natur
Blossoms, Plants, Woods etc.

I hope you know all about Desktop Themes.
You have although questions to this matter, please send us a email
here. We kindly answer you.

Important information’s and tips you’ll find under my page “F. A. Q.”. Please have a look on this page.

If you would like to present one of these themes in your own HP, please inform me by email and make a link to our HP.

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