Second Wandering
Der Rosenhof
Unterhalb der Naumburg
Am Waldrand kurz vor dem Regen
Ein Hirschkšfer begegnet uns
Unser Eingang zu unserem Zimmer auf dem Rosenhof
Nicht unŁblich, Pferde im Garten
Unterwegs im Wald von Issigheim
Blick vom Hof zur StraŖe
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Our second wander ride in holiday


It seems to go 2 years away till we resolute in springtime 1997 at new to ride in holiday by horse.

At this time we dreamed from a holiday residence far from our home like Bayern were Tina come from. Then we have some other ideas for nice destinations. But unfortunately our budget was to small. And a tour by car we wounded not make.

After longer discussion here and there, by short hand we announce us by family von Schwerdtner.
These nice people was very happy to hear that we would like to come back to them. They gave us a date after our school holidays and tell us what for a attraction we was as Cowgirls.

Big preparation like the first trip we donít needed we remember all from our first vacation.

Our organization run by plan. Now we add. all things we forgot at last trip. The clothing was a bit softly as the last time, then it was a very hot summer.

So the last time we forgot the nervous mosquitoes. This time we take a big bottle spray with us..

The route we have still in our head, so we let Heldenbergen out of our way and rides tan other way.


Letís go again!

As the last time we was nervous to!. And as the first trip to the chattering was very big. Also this time, arrived in the stable, we have a big welcome ceremony with sweets. Short before sit up we sprayed the horses with anti mosquito spray, then better is better. So they are still cool if a fly attack on run.

We take the direction as the last trip to Kaichen. Only this time we take the height stoned path to the hill of the Naumburg. Uhh the horses go like mountain goats

We must go by feed it was to steep. We believe so to shorten our way. That was a little bit later a fallacy. We search desperate a way, to across this hill. We dont planned that exist fences.

So we must ride around the castle a small beaten path over a steep falling meadow. Now we follow a small path, framed from height hedges (behind we believe are gardens with old fruit trees. This way bring us in zigzag course to the feed of this hill where a small streams who ripple go his way. A small stage without any green, may be for agriculture to used, let as cut the stream. On left hand we ride to a small coral and see some Haflinger (horses) satisfied graze. During come near by Nando look curious. But we donít let much time there. After short sniff we rides further.

To day the boys are good things we also.
Now we have a good way to run a little bit. In ecstasy of the speed we forgot our dilemma. It was a short part but it was very good for us four.

"uh, itís so hot today, let us drink now."

We packed a big plastic bottle with Whisky/Cola. But, shit, where are this bottle? Look in all baggage, around of us looked, nothing, the bottle was away. We loose them by our run over the meadow. The grass was so height and to think we will find it here was nonsense. Our skins changed to long. Tina and me speak in choral Ēthatís will begin fine Ē.

Then Tina believe "We have our hip flask with us with spirits ". We think twice Let it be, then we drink that. May be after our mood will be better. Softly drunken we go our way (this feeling go over our friends, they was for a while a little bit quit, because the hot of the day makes them crazy). So we come far a way after Heldenbergen, again in the near of the federal road, the way to Altenstadt. Since we donít like across them now, we still rides a part over the fields, more or less between the road.

Higgins was in time in between very fidgety and already total sweet. We look for a possibility to over ride the road. Finally we found a field path, we must only go up a little slope and go over a ditch. The traffic on the road was busy. So, must be attention that no car come, hurry the handicaps let back. We across the road. Our way go to direction Altenstadt, or rather Eichen. Now the way was tar. Itís a food path as connection for the villages Heldenbergen and Eichen.

Nando was somewhat dear, but Higgins was very nervous. Always he would run after some steps slowly he goes trot. Tina nervous to, scold with him. She repeat like a record disc the words "easy, easy, easy,", what means please go slowly. From the beautiful meadow we nothing see at this moment.

Meantime it was very very hot and it was very strenuous for us. We believe that is one of the reasons what make our friends nervous. We cant right enjoy our beginning holiday, also a nice word change. As we say to us "we rides to all whether, we are not like other riders ". The stream Nidda cross our way, we rides down the river between the meadow frame. I rides with Nando in front of Tina. Suddenly she began to cry. Furious she make Higgins to a snail. At first I donít understand her words. As I look back, she already not on Higgins (sit down/stay down?). At first I donít understand whatís happen. Then I see. She cry and wave with the rains around. Now I understand.

One of the waves are broken with Higgins fidgets. Tina was sours as a stick, she would rides at home! "We cannot ride to holiday itís impossible! All things today are wrong....."

Oh yeah, I have all my pains to be cool and she to calm down. I give her my idea to repair the wave. "How you will do that? Here in to nothing, far and near a people " she cry desperate. ĒYesĒ I say "I have this new knife, you know, now I cut a hole in the twice ends and then we put it together with this leather straps.Ē I go to the saddle bags and show here the leather straps. We have enough of them with us. Still a bit doubt she let me make. Naturally I cut my self by this action, the knife is very sharp, but my repair will work. It works still now to.

The whether was now better, not so muggy and close. We not feel good. We take us the question what think our horses about that all here. Tina was afraid of them. Our water was empty. We arrive Eichen from the stream site we go in the center of this village. We discuss about what we can do to get new water for our horses. And when we get some, will the horses drink it? Horses no drink all water. Rides over the road we look in to the houses and gardens if is there somebody. But nobody to see. At this hot time nobody go in his garden only in shadow. So we decide that we must ring anywhere. At first two houses we donít have luck. But the third house open a friendly people and welcome us. He gave us a bucket for clean with water from the water pipe.

As expect, they drunk nothing. Now itís run, why not? The people bring standing water, also nothing. The people clean the bucket, also nothing. We still desperate and it was awful to. At the third try, why we donít know they drank a little bit. We fill in our bottles and question at twice it will be enough for them

In the mean time it was still noon and we must go away or way. On that day we arenít hungry. No wonder at this heat. We prepare us a situation that we rides anywhere across a big desert.


We gave thousand thanks to the nice people. To the question, if we must pay somethingís gave them the answer no nothing. Thatís we feel very nice. At all people are so friendly.

We take our direction in feeling. So we rides over the sidewalk of the main street in direction gross Ostheim (we donít look in our map again). Follow the road are after some meters a old train rail hidden in the grass. But Nando see that early enough and was warning.

Now we have a long gravel ways before us how go cross the wide extensive landscape. pass a very old wood. It was a mixed wood with very height trees and the trunks was very big. We feel that slowly the clouts change in to dark. But it was still muggy. You can feel the changing of whether. The wood on the right side the meadows on the left, the way go up to steep path on a hill. At the half height we believe now we must change our direction into left, otherwise we are wrong. At sometimes later it was clear behind the hill is Ostheim. So we come to road. That must be the road from Eichen to Ostheim. Every still no presentiment were we are. We have had a silent knowing what that for a wood was. Two years before we was in this wood to. (namely one parallel way before).

The boys are at this moment cooler and so we across the road without problems. On the other side we rides a small part through the wood. After we take a direction to the fields because in wood we can not orientated. Far away from the road on the wood frame we make a break. We hear far away a thunderstorm will come. I make some photos. Tina pack out something to eat and gave the boys a small meal to. But here we donít stay long time because the thunderstorm....

A small part between the wood frame we changed our direction over open fields. To across a hill. Suddenly itís began to rain. The coming wind blow us 4 through our hairs. He was so strong, that we must hold our huts. Now it must go on quick. We trot one behind the other to the hill upwards. On top of the hill we here car sounds from a country road. Now itís began to lightning and thundering.

Nando and my self rides at front. He was absolutely exemplary cool.

And there was the road actual. Quick a look to the twice sides. Take the collar height in the neg. Look back to Tina and Higgings if them alright. Situation checked. It would be clear for me, we must ride some meters on the roadside. Because there was no way on the other side. No possibility to find for a dry place. And the rain crackle without break. The lightning was everywhere around us. We have no time to be afraid. To wait of the end of the thunderstorm was to dangerous. We trot as quick as we can with flying flags between the roadside. After all we found a possibility to come over the road. Here the field paths are tar or gravel. Nando have pain on this bottoms at normally but in this situation we feel nothing about that. He trap brave on front and look that Tina a Higgins follow us. Always he stops and look back. unbelievable this horse. I let him go. We afraid us of the thunders before all Tina. She dread thunderstorms. But she to has show good nerves. Itís go away long time till we arrived a village. It seems not in our map, we never see before.

We believe that we lose oneís way.

Between the houses we search for security. A shelter was not to see. But the houses was higher than us. Everybody know that lightning search the heightest point to drive in. In time between the rain not so strong and we looked our map. Where we are? Everybody of us find an other village of the map, we cant unite us at right. So we put the map away and look forward.

The thunderstorm was going and the rain was a little bit dropping. So we take at new a way like our feeling. There is a place-name sign say Tina. Oh yeah, your are right thatís "Butterstadt" I say.

After cross the main road of the village we come to a marshy meadow with very height grass. In about 500 meters we see a poplar avenue placed in the middle of this meadow. Behind this all are fields so far the eyes can see. We have had the feeling this is the right way.

It was till afternoon and we think it cannot be so far away. Again we trot with happy feel over the meadows.. The air was now very better and our destination not so far. Tina believe when I attention the bottom we can run over the fields. Sheís always afraid beyond the horses that they can be injure. I say Ēletís goĒ and we 4 have had a grandiose fan during.

But suddenly my Nando walk slowly and stops. I scold with him, whatís happen, your are a lazybone. I gave him the sign to go, but he donít like. After try with the iron shoe (I donít know the name in English in German named Sporen). Oh, that was a mistake he will go. Direct before us was a ditch and I see it to late because the height grass. But our Nando, this nature, smell it we donít know how. He, brave, jump over. And I jump on the horn of the saddle. In my eyes stand the tears and I swear to me in future to hear of Nando. Tina have had a laughing fit. Nobody can say horses are stupid.

Yes, how say my grand ma? From damage you will be clever.

By step it goings over the fields up to the next hill and down over a muddy path to a lonely farm. Iíll liked to ride in front of Tina, but gave Higgi the (Sporen) and grin. Clear I forgot, after this Nando was muddy from the height to above. Breaded like a ĒWiener SchnitzelĒ. So I stop this action and we step nice and brave our way. As we come around the farm we see that already Issigheim. Now we must only rides the hill above and we are in the village.

On the farm was much of cattle, they run to us with noisy breathe and that with a power that we think the fence will break.

Instinctive we push our legs on the horses, the reins solid in our hands, cool by ĒstepĒ, run away. In back still the great freedom we entrance the village and see the first houses of them. We are now in civilization. We stand on the sidewalk and wait for the green signal of the traffic light. Still sitting on our horses.

Tired as a dead people and very wet we arrive our destination on evening 18:00 oíclock. Rosenhof here we are. In manner of good Cowboys, we first take care of our friends.

After we shower us and go to the village tavern and get a big dinner.

In this tavern we are in the next days a new attraction. Why? Mmhh, the gentlemen of world believe us very simpatico, then a blond and blue eyes girl and a black hair green eyes girl together as a pear that an attraction, they believe.

The next days in Issigheim

Unfortunately the whether was not good the following days. Everyday we cannot rides with Nando and Higgings. And a coral we donít received like the last time we was here. Thatís we regret. So must rides with them in a hall. That was not so funny. But as to see one sun ray we are going out with them. So many we liked we are near our boys. Day and night. Then we go to the boxes Tag and cuddle with them to oneís heartís content. And gave them much sweetie in they mouths. Twice can be treasure. As ponies they have they own heads naturally. but as you now, how you must work with them, they are the bravest horses of the world.

I have a catalog for western style riders with me. What a lucky coincidence. There are beautiful reins in.

With my phone card I ordered the nicest of them. After some days Tina received new reins. They wasnít cheep, thatís I must say. But the material was like silk and show as really western style reins. Two colors and meshed, with leather ends and shared.

Some days later the package come the matter rains was forgotten.

We think about to make a rides badge. Here on Rosenhof itís possible and we have had the opportunity. The childrenís there have in next days a date of test. for that. But itís stay a think about. Most of that we like to make small trips in the landscape here.



We search day to day an other destination for our rides. Unfortunately we never been to Ronneburg, that mean at horse. That will be a very nice trip from Issigheim to the Ronneburg (that a old castle).

In Hammersbach we visit a big stud farm of Arab. .In a old mill have young people build a stable and breed there Arabs. From this point they have a offer to wander rides around the Glauburg an other region of Wetterau. We are very interested for a ride as this kind but after we hear the price we must say NO.

The route between Hammersbach and Issigheim is a very varied terrain as for riding as for the eyes. There are small lakes, meadows, fields, ravines, woods, ponds and much more. We look to every blade of grass, as there not a beautiful butterfly on. Or other nice little things to see, as the nature has to show for us. We comes full of our costs. Here it was at new the Marlboro Men feeling, the feeling of big freedom, we shout for joy and runs over the fields. We feel indescribable elated.

On one of our rides back to the Rosenhof I remember me like today. This ride Tina and me no more forgot I think.

It was afternoon, we rides across a village behind Issigheim back to the stable.

cheerful and elated like every, nothing bad in the mind. We must as thousand one before only cross the main street of the village, after across a wood, over 2 fields and we would come home. Just a thing of a half hour.

We look for the best way to cross the road with traffic so less as possible. But unfortunately itís not usual in Germany.

So on this main road, who let it be other way, a very small meadow without a fence. This meadow fall up to a slope approx. 1,5 m difference in altitude. On the frame of the meadow was a bus stop with an side walk. I ride with Nando as normal behind Tina and Higgins. I think at this moment how can we ride over the slope as best. Sideways at best, I think so for me and so hope Tina think similar with me.

Now she stands with Higgins direct on the top of the slope. Suddenly Higgy get his crazy attack. From time to time he has unwilling impulses. We take it back of a wrong breeding program. To much Arab. In a fall of this he donít hear of shanks and not of the reins. He will only do what he will. What ever that is.

He began out of nothing to struggle, more and more. His back/tail was now in direction of the slope and all goes so fast as never. I see all like in a quick-motion, they you can later in picture see at new. Click, click, click.

Higgings struggle, go upwards, lost his balance and fall backwards the slope down. Twice rolls at same time side on side down, without any contact. In fact Tina had the presence of mind to jump down, but to the wrong site. The two roll over they self and itís look very strange. Higgins rolls over his back, again to his legs, jump with his legs in the air, look similar between his legs, under his. Same time rolls Tina behind Higgy land rolled up, the hands on her head direct under Higgins stomach. He still in the air, look under him self, see Tina and pull his legs apart. So that Tina sit exact under his stomach, look between his front legs to the road. This is happen direct on the bus stop and the side walk. Higgins was absolute dismayed. He run on the road stops and stand there. In the time between Tina snatch up and runs to him. After this shock she look even to the right and left and take the horse back to the side walk. I still stand on top of the slope and was absolutely stunned. Thousand thoughts I have at the same time. I must help! I hope nothing will go on! Ambulance! Where is the mobile phone? Whatís about Higgins! Whatís if Tina die! After endless while I say absolute stunned "Tina you live?". In my head itís hammer "She live, she live!" Nature I become at first no answer. Tina scold not with Higgins, the two was very shocked.

In the time between a taxi come, the diver stop immediately, get out and ask how he can help us. But Tina thank decline and mean itís all in best order. The taxi driver must be seen whatís happen, he shake his head and seems a bit confused, but he see that the twice are on his legs. Inquire at second time if itís all o.k. and drive away.

We wear our Australian leather heads. That was the luck for Tina. Because the head has the functioned like a crash helmet. A little bit battered was the head, but that was thing beside. I am afraid Tina would have a concussion or more. But thank God she feel good. She had a crash on her eyebrow and a small laceration from the fall. After a while it was a blue eye.

So that was the violent adventure I have live to see, until my time with working with horses.

Nando and me rides after exemplary the slope down. And Tina cry with Higgins shall he look how to make it.

With big mixed feeling in our stomach we rides back to the stable.

Tina lost her trust to Higgins and it would be long time, to built a new trust to him. Later on field she go down and inspect him thorough for any kinds of wounds, but as an shock he has nothing. Even the saddle was not broken.

We drive later to a pharmacy to buy something for wound of the eyebrow. To a doc she would not go strictly.

She was come in the real mean of word come away with a blue eye.

After this all I see this action ever at new before my inner eyes and makes me after this thought horrible. Whatís if .....

But with the time it will go away.

On the next day Tina must go to a marriage. Her parents she would be pick up. She was very nervous. Hope that her parents nothing see and feel about the accident. I must swear nothing to say. As it was time, she was very nice clothed and put on make-up, nobody has see any thing. Even not the small swelling at the eye.

It was a very nice holiday with a little bitter taste. But we learn day of day.


Here close our story.

I hope you have enjoy it.

May be you have now the same ideas like us. I hope our storyís donít put you of!








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