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Fly like an eagle

Unique Posters de


A summer dream
a summer dream





Protected by darkness
Protected by darkness


Hunting day
Hunting day


Prehistorian Found
Prehistorian found


My picture “Memories” was printed in the magazin issue 65 of 3Dworld!
In the summer of 2005






The last contest of Renderosity (June 2005)
I won the first place with my picture
 “15 minutes till darkness”



For “fly like an eagle” I received an award from Doreen of
Thank you very much Doreen.
It was created with Terragen.




As home page of the month September 2005 our site was nominated of Unique poster de






This award I received on Juli 2004 of
My picture ”A summer dream” get 3 Stars.
It was created with
Vue d’Esprit.









With “April” I made my 2. place on TerraWorlds contest in June 2004.






A special award I got from at the end of 2003.
As one of the best artist 2003 my are burned on a DVD.

You can buy the DVD the
Best of Renderosity 2003
More about it, please click here.




This award I got on July 2003 by
My picture ”Protected by darkness” got an excellent. I am very proud abaout it.

It was built with  Vue d’Esprit.









In May 2003 I got this Award by
My picture ”Hunting Day” got a good..

It was built with Vue d’Esprit.









This Award I got of for a contest. Theme was ”Under water” . The picture ”Prehistorian Found” got the “most original” award.
It was on May 2003

It is build withTerragen 8.68.