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On the hand of 10 practical examples you’ll learn to
create nearly natural textures in Terragen. I offer you some of my trics like: how to set
.:. water
.:. atmospheres
.:. surfaces (textures)
.:. work with overlays
.:. and much more

Content of the CD:
10 pictures of Terragen with all needed files

.:.  Cold Impressions
.:.  Fish creek desert
.:.  Heisskalt
.:.  Monarch Rocks
.:.  Moon Walk
.:.  Mystical Lights II
.:.  Plasma Lakes Of Zypon
.:.  Reef I
.:.  Safari
.:.  Variations

.:.  Explanations how to add. overlays
.:.  Tips to the single pictures
.:.  some helpful links
.:.  Bonus: 10 additional terrains in the size 513x513 px.
.:.  10 Wallpaper of the pictures.
.:.  More than 250 MB material! Additonal you’ll get a CD
     with terrains, surfaces, atmospheres, Sorta Surf settings
     and much more.
     Additional are these more than 350 MB for testing and

1 pc. CD cost 45,00 $ U.S. including the packing
and delivery costs.

Terms of payment:
Please fill in the order form and submit vour order. Or use the paypal button and follow the payment procedure with PayPal.

Delivery time:
It needs some days for the money receipt. One day is requested for some administration works. As soon as the money is booked We will send the CD a.s.a.p. to you.
You also will receive an email confirmation.

In Germany the whole procedure takes between 4 and 6 days.
As excample a delivery to Arizona U.S.A. took 9 days by airmail.
As shown it may last up to 2 weeks until you receive the CD. It is strongly dependant on your location.
I thank you in advance for your patientience and hope you will enjoy my product.

Please note:
If the order form will not function, it is also possible to send us an email. Please use the contact form.

All prices incl. the German tax.

Requirement: the program Terragen version 8.68 - 9.16
Infos zum download of the program: