You can order poster also directly with us. 

The offered poster by us are in very high resolution and printed on semi dull photo paper. That means best photo quality in brilliant colors! 
Semi dull paper has the advantage that the colors remain during a later framing with glass, the reflection does not arise so strongly.
When desired you keep your poster handsigned

The price for each poster amounts to 25, - - € plus 5,70 € postage & packing within Germany. For other countries please write us an email. The poster are dispatched in a role. The order is very easy.  You can have a look in the galleries and sign the purchase order form, please do not forget to sign the picture name. You’ll receive immediately a message from us also when the picture is sent away.

If you prefer high gloss poster, you can order Dotthy's pictures with the company Unique posters!  For international orders there is the possibility with to orders. Please see the small boxes further below.









Unique-Posters is a very professional German poster side. It offers prints in highest photo
quality. The pictures are in brillianten colors. The completion of the orders is reliable and very fast.  In addition it comes that the prints are very inexpensive. The poster service is at present exclusively active on the German market.


For the European and international market is ZAZZLE the first address. Here you’ll find a large selection of pictures likewise. You have also  the possibility Dotthy's pictures print on postcards or
t-Shirts. If you should not find once a preferential picture there, please write us simply an email.


For furthermore questions, please contact us and write an email. You’ll receive immediately answer.