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CD-Cover Design:


"like a gentle passages as well as strong saxophone Impressionen slide, let you for one hour dive into a blue dream of the relaxation. Over the waves, carried from the in-usual rhythm of the guitars, tendencyful arranged piano and caper he"

As words of the young artists.

I had the pleasure a hearing a sample and I must say, simply super!!!!!!!!

If you are interest to buy the CD, it is now available on Amazon.de. Please simply click on the CD cover and you’ll link to the right page.


My picture "Blue frame" became for the Inlay of the new wellness CD of the company Media sound Art, with which topic uses "Ocean Dreams".

The CD is in all department stores and in the Web available!




Book Cover Design:

I am very happy to present you my
 3 book cover, I have created for the company INTRAG Publishing in USA:





The first book “Vampire Collection” by Savah M. Webber, was allready published in the year 2003. It is a collection of 19 short storys written by the expert of vampires. It is only in german language availabel on at: Libri-Verlag
Please visit Savahs home page “World of Vampires” if you are a fan of vampires. It is a must, to read it!

The second book “Sherab” is written by Andreas Seiller. A wonderful story around a journalist, a young boy and the angle Sherab. Written in our times. The book is also in german language.

If you have interest, please visit the home page by INTRAG Publishing!

You can buy  it online by Libri-Verlag!

The third book “Erotische Phantasien” is a collection of 30 fantasy erotical storys. Written by 30 different authors. It is also in german language, but I can say it is worth to read it story for story.

It is online available at Libri-Verlag and  Amazon.de!

Here is a furthermore interesting link for people how love fantasy storys: World of Fantasy

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